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That would be the PS4 Pro, a system that seems to actually have zero official Black Friday special deals though it might be getting a few for Cyber Monday. However, with PS4 Pro, you are buying yourself a fair amount of future proofing. I actually have a lot of good things to say about the Xbox One Slim, which is another extremely viable console purchase today, and this entire season. That may not bother some people, but others may be a bit annoyed with such a short window there.

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Best of all, you get yourself that all impotrant extra DualShock 4 PS4 controller so you can play the campaign in local co-op with a friend. But what if other retailers have the same item cheaper? Well, we've got a bunch of price comparison tools, so we actually do all that work for you if you see something in our guides. Failing that, you can always check your favorite retailers manually, but that takes time.

If you like it, get it While we all like to get something at the rock bottom price, sometimes that isn't possible. Often the most popular stuff will sell out in minutes, when you're not even online, and that means you have to get whatever you want for either full-price or less of a discount.

One common-sense tip we always give is that if you like what you see, and it's at a historically great price, then you should buy first and regret it later. Chances are you're actually getting the best deal and, even if you pay a few dollars more, you're guaranteeing you're getting the thing you actually want at a price you're happy with. Here are today's best console prices. While we're looking ahead to the Black Friday game deals in , it always pays to look back at the savings from last year.

After all, they give you a good idea of what to expect in November, and allow you to pick out the true bargains from the 'actually-not-that-great-I'll-save-my-money-thanks' kinda deals. Below are a list of the best deals from the event - none of them are still available, obviously, but it gives you a good idea of what happened during the blur of Black Friday last November. Suggest you snap it up right now from Walmart, while stocks last it's already at in-store pickup only.

Bank holiday deals ps4

View Deal. It's an essential, so you should stock up now. Game Pass grants you access to s of new Xbox One games, for free, and you can download and play at your leisure. It's Netflix for games, essentially. Available on PS4 and Xbox One. Time to stock up they're already down to in-store pickup only. The MaxQ will do a good job as well. Sennheiser is a big name in audio, and this is a great product. Well worth buying. This TV is brilliant for gaming, so you need to buy this right now. The colors are incredible, the response rate is good, and this has Vsync for PC play.

The discount only last another couple of days. The newest South Park is better than half price at Argos. Sennheiser Momentum 2. No mic on these, but they're such an incredible price, you can live with that. That's an amazing deal, especially if you just got that new console. You need to buy today, however, as the deal ends very soon. The wealth of Black Friday game deals that go on offer in November is, quite frankly, very confusing.

We're here to hunt down the genuine best deals, and tell you about them, to help save you money. We know games, we know PC, we know hardware and peripherals, so we know what you might actually want. We only recommend deals that are actually good. Would we buy it ourselves? If the answer is 'Yes' to both these questions, we'll include it here. And by 'deals' we mean: Is the product or bundle actually a bargain? Is there a big enough saving to genuinely recommend you buy it immediately, or seriously consider buying it?

Again, if the answer is 'Yes' to both these questions, we will include it in this feature. We won't include bad deals or poor products, and we will never recommend products from retailers that we don't trust ourselves. Below is a list of some of our most popular guides - to help you inform your buying decisions even further. Some online stores give us a small cut if you buy something through one of our links. About hours for career mode.

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I found switching disciplines kept it reasonably fresh- despite the relatively few cars and tracks. I suspect it will drop quickly, these games usually do. It's also if you trade in a PS4 you get it for Originally went down for a switch but held off cus I need an Xbox controller to trade my Xbox in for it. Anyone try these? What about the quality and how does it feels in the head after a few hours of use? Does anyone know what you need to trade in at game. Is it just the console or do you need cables , controller , hdmi?

Reckon with the trade in prices of these goodies the offer is still better then Shopto offering. Trying to manouvre my way to a new console.

I've got a student ID, Unidays etc. There doesn't seem to be any combination that gets a big saving off any of these types of deals.

Searching for a PS4 or PS4 Pro? Here's the definitive list of the best deals around

Don't really need anything that's bundled with it, just want the cheapest price possible. We get it you're a Germophobe, no need to tell us on nearly every used product deal. What do you think people are going to do with this PS3, start licking it? Anyways this is a great deal, gutted i missed it. Erm not sure why you're replying in an aggressive manner. Its just my preference. You enjoy your used console. Unfortunately I don't have a car. Too expensive in London :S just hoping on Monday they will have stock again and I can find some London stores phone numbers to call and confirm.

Or even have one reservation confirmed as successful if they have a lot of stock again suddenly All I'm saying to Game is don't allow reservation 4 times if they all get cancelled. It's nasty. For the last two days, I reserved at 4 different stores online that said they still had limited stock and allowed for reservation.

All of them cancelled. I bet they did have stock but ignored the reservation requestsbecause they can't be bothered. Not cool Not anymore, there is now a standard edition that doesn't include TSOT download code, GAME don't mention anything in the picture or description so my guess is this is probably just the new standard edition. Digital version is probably less - certainly considerably so for the android and ios versions - but I wanted a physical copy.

It has some nice little bonuses thrown in too.

The best bank holiday sales and deals available today

Shamefully, I didn't realise there was a physical release until recently. There doesn't seem to be all that many copies floating around now. I would buy more often from Game if they weren't so overpriced a majority of the time. Occasionally they do have a gem of a purchase though - I picked up Wonder Boy on PS4 from them the other week brand new for cheapest price I'd seen and very happy with it y.


Admittedly I don't buy much from Game these days but I tried their click and collect for the first time the other week and got notifications confirming reservation request had been received by the store and then another within half an hour to confirm it was ready to collect. Worked a treat y. They lost me with using your own shower water to slow your enemies down, and the weirdo white people popping out of the tar like bobbing around throwing you bags of blood to fill up your grenades I mean, people reading this that don't know what I'm talking about must think I'm crazy. But this really happens, it's mental.

I just hope there is some mind blowing, amazing over arching story line that we haven't got to see yet. I'd wait for it to drop in price, and see what reviews are like. I only got to see 20 minutes of it, from which my opinions were based.

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I watched 20 minutes of gameplay at EGX the other day, it looks strange and a bit boring tbf. There a whole like system where you can like things that other people drop in the world. You have to change your shoes or your feet bleed.