Craigslist deals gone wrong

WOWT - It was supposed to be a simple transaction. Cash for speakers, a deal orchestrated on popular buying and selling website Craigslist. Then in the blink of an eye guns were drawn. According to police, during the transaction the seller of the advertised speakers pulled out what appeared to be real guns, they were just BB Guns.

The buyer in this case also happened to be concealed carrying, his guns, however, were quite real.

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It really is you know? I mean there are way too many little ones around here. No one was injured and no shots were fired, Omaha police took the suspects in for further questioning. Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File. The crudest attempts are easily ignored, but some schemes can be more complex.

Some scams are operated by clever, experienced con men that have an answer for everything. Stolen checks, counterfeit checks and bounced checks are costing people their money, cars or both.

Armed Robbery Suspect Shot, Craigslist Deal Gone Bad

If you send them the money before the money order clears the bank, you are braver than you are smart. These money orders often turn out to be counterfeits and any money sent them is lost forever. Buying and selling cars can be done safely, but these are big ticket items and many sellers have reported at least one suspicious response to a posting. Thanks for this wonderful e-commerce site. I am negotiating the purchase of a car that appears lower than the market value. The seller wants me to pay money into a Google Wallet account.

I have never used this system before and so I checked on the internet to know the possibility of paying into the account, having control of my money till the good is delivered before releasing the payment. I could not find any info to this effect. Is Craiglist aware of the possibility of using Google wallet? Please respond; thanks! Its a scam always and only do the transaction in person after you have test drove the car these are all scams be smart.

I have two people interested and both say they are out of state and will send certified ck and when it clears, I call them and they will send a mover to pick up car. Sounds weird. I received the certificate check in overnight postal mail. Check came from MI; I m in new york. But i got his fake name and keep him waited for two days till he understood that i was joking with him.

But it is a fake check that will get sent back by your bank and you will be lose the amount you wired and the scammers are long gone with your money. So glad I read this forum. I was about to do this. I put the vin in the ad.

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  • They are going to send a check, once it clears, movers come. They wanted my name and address to send check. Thank you for warning us! I just found the perfect example in the car I was interested in…to the tee. Car is way underpriced, husband died,, she is in the military, have to sell urgently being diploid out of country.

    Lol there is 3 cars on there now saying Sahara, laura and Jennifer are all deploying to overseas lol such a scam will deliver the cars!!! Watch out buyers beware. Some pick up trucks have a follow-up by givig heartship stories be awear if its to good to be true it is,immagian buying a truck an having it delivered without testing it.

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    Things have gotten really bad on Craigslist and Cars. These guys triangulate ads you put in different places — Cars. This time, before listing my used car for sale on Cars. That way, I have a layer of identity protection and can communicate with potential sellers without fear of having my identity stolen. Set up email and text accounts that protect your identity.

    You can go on a government site VINCheck and check.

    Sorry, this content is not available in your region.

    That might be why some folks ask for the Vin. I have done this several times. I found older vehicles that were fixed up to look clean but were at one time recently salvaged.

    And it will tell you by collision. And yet the body is in almost perfect condition.. To perform a search, a vehicle identification number VIN is required. VINCheck is a bullshit site.

    Risks of Selling on Craigslist

    I am selling my car on CL. A interested buyer is asking for the VIN number and my full name the car is registered under so he can get a loan for it. Trustworthy or fishy??

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    • They keep wanting a report for the bike, which I have. He is adamant that I send him the report via email. I told him no way. Too much personal information on those reports to just send it out to a stranger. If I wanted to buy something, I would want to see it first and have no problem traveling and looking at a VIN report at the same time.

      It all just sounds fishy to me. Smells like dead fish to me. Seems like he wants too much info up front. A week later my gator was stolen right out of my barn. Many people want to run a car fax report on the VIN, which is OK, but if this person has your name, they could potentially request a duplicate title at the DMV, then transfer ownership to themselves.

      Might sound far fetched but you can never be too careful.

      Surveillance video captures man getting robbed, dragged by car during Craigslist deal gone wrong

      Does the tag office not check drivers license information or bill of sale or anything? That could be compared to when someone steals my cell phone and Metro PCS just hooks them up with an account with my stolen phone…. I have a motorcycle for sale on CL.

      They however want me to reply to them via their email address, which means they will now have my email address.